Peaceful Holiness Church

Media Department

Director: Brother Perez Carter


The mission of the Peaceful Holiness Church Media Ministry is to compliment, enhance, and serve the ministries of the church in UNITY with the church’s vision through video and audio so that the Lord is glorified

We serve to promote the gospel of truth to all nations, provide means of equipping the saints for works of service, to encourage, motivate, and edify each other and serve as an instrument of worship and ministry. 


The vision of the Peaceful Holiness Church Media Ministry is to provide God’s word on a global level to the entire world by providing quality audio and video recording on digital video disc (DVD) and compact disc (CD) to anyone who requests them and upgrading to improving ministry using the internet.  

Lastly, the Media Department is always looking for other ideas and ways to improve the quality of our present media product and stands behind all recording in the hope of advancing the Gospel of God.