Holiness Church

Peaceful Holiness Church was birth out of a vision from God in 1980 in the faithful heart of Elder Helen Parnell while serving under Bishop L.B. Mays in the mother church in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The Lord confirmed the vision to Elder Robert Parnell.  Then both Elders Robert and Helen Parnell knew they would establish a Peaceful Mission in Columbus, Georgia.

Since the birth of Peaceful Holiness Church in 1981, there has been many challenges which God has shown himself strong on our behalf.  Pastor Robert had a saying: "The Lord put us out to make us step out on faith" and that we did.

After worshipping God in several locations with many limitations, God freed us from oppression and we moved into a little house on Steam Mill Road.  We grew in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and in church membership.  Our new house of worship on Steam Mill Rd had become too small for our increased congregation.  In 1983 the Lord blessed us with a new location on Buena Vista Rd.   In 2002 the Lord continued to pour out his blessings and allowed us to build our present building at our present site here on Buena Vista Rd.  We dedicated this house of worship under the direction of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.